Who are we?

We are a learning technology company headquartered in Kolkata, India with offices in Denmark and the Netherlands. We design and develop learning solutions and products right from inception to implementation.

Our team of experienced designers, developers and project managers ensure projects are effectively designed and developed on time. We implement global best practices in our everyday work so that our customers benefit from our cutting-edge solutions.

Our USP lies in our customer-centric focus, agile mindset and philosophy of continuous learning and improvement.

Saurav Jaiswal

CEO and Managing Director

Henrik Mørck

Nordic Sales Director

Some facts about us

Happy clients

We understand your needs and develop solutions to fulfil them.

Innumerable projects completed

Each project is a learning curve for us. We don’t stop until our clients are completely satisfied.

Global and cultural sensitivity

Our solutions are localized in order to respect global and cultural differences.

Want to discuss a project?

We offer high-quality and detailed e-Learning solutions. If you are looking for a suitable learning solution for your corporate house or an educational course for your training institute, we have the right expertise. Start from scratch, refurbish an existing solution, or find out ideas to develop your learning kit by sending your details.

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