A reality check – are our clients happy?

We have come a long way in proving our mettle in e-learning. We don’t give up until our clients are satisfied with our learning solutions. Why not check what our clients have to say about us…

  •   We’ve worked with Innostrat on numerous projects ranging from software development to e-learning authoring. They have provided skilled resources that are experienced in a wide range of technologies, including some technologies where it can be challenging to find experienced developers. They are responsive, understand our business needs, and provide quality deliverables. In short, Innostrat is a vital partner for Suddenly Smart.  

    - Robert Penn, CEO of Suddenly Smart

  •   Saurav is one of those people that I honestly count myself very lucky to know. If my memory serves me right, I have known and worked with Saurav for 6 years. I have amassed quite a list of things that I deeply appreciate about Saurav. Here are some of those things:
    1. If he or his team don’t already know how to do it, they will figure it out. And, if there is no one on the team that can quickly get up to speed, Saurav seems to have an endless list of friends and colleagues interested, willing and able to work with him.
    2. Always willing to listen. I have always appreciated that Saurav will hear me out, even when I might not be making any sense. He has a way of gently suggesting things that have unstuck many a project.
    3. He cares about people first. I have seen him drop everything for friends and family members. This is likely one of the reasons why the friends and colleagues mentioned in #1 seem so willing to work with him.
    4. Saurav regularly reaches out to me to try to gain understanding about what he and his team could be doing better. This leads to conversations that I know have improved me.I will continue to recommend Saurav to those that are in need of the many things that Saurav and his team can do.  

    - Dan Thatcher, Learning Experience Designer, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

  •   Saurav and his company have provided us with eLearning design and development services on several occasions. He is personable, intelligent, and professional. He and his team deliver high-quality, well-tested, product on time. And we often find that Saurav is key in helping us solve the tough problems that inevitably arise during any complex project.  

    - Will Stolz, Vice President, Senior eLearning Designer, First Citizens Bank