At Innostrat, problem solving begins at the analysis phase. Here, our team analyzes requirements based on the learner profile and training needs. We identify the goals and evaluate any gaps in training.

In the next phase – the design phase, we identify the learning strategy, build the learning objectives and select the learning materials. In the development phase, the learning solution is developed and executed.

In the final stage: evaluation, areas for improvement are identified and learner feedback is used to improve the learning experience. However, what is unique here is that this model is a continuous learning model. This means the learning does not stop for the learner even after a course is completed. Using performance support tools, the learner is provided with resources to aid further and continuous learning.

Our role does not end once the product or service has been handed over to the client. We also assist in marketing the solution or course within the organization.

Needs analysis– questionnaire feedback incorporated

Creating course goals - Data gathered from needs analysis used

Design of course structure/curriculum

Creating the solution – ID solution Look and Feel Tech Specs

Storyboarding – Reviews by SMEs Iterative process

Development of e-learning

Alpha review

Beta review