We provide high quality learning support services, such as reviewing and monitoring e-learning solutions, generating reports, setting up webinars for our clients, or installing/troubleshooting e-learning tools, which have been set up onsite.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    Data is generated and analyzed to report on the efficacy of learning initiatives.


    A detailed review is conducted in Analytics phase. The client will be able to get data on...

    • Number of learners accessing the course
    • Name of the learner and time he/she accessed the module in the course
    • Location of the learners (incase the course is for distant learning)
    • Score secured by learners in each knowledge check/assessment
    • Progress graph of the learners


    Based on analytics data, various types of reports are generated. Data can be filtered to generate specific reports. The data can be further mined for future development.

    The reports are:

    • Posted as PDF files to clients on request
    • Used to provide data for each learner’s development
    • Analyze the popularity of a course
    • Determine whether the course needs further improvement or not
  • Webinar Facilitation

    Webinar Facilitation

    Webinar is an interactive communication between the trainer and the learners. However, setting up and implementing a virtual conference through a webinar requires effective planning. Ideally, webinar or audio and web facilitation service should go on smoothly without any technical errors. We offer webinar support services by…

    • Preparing an orientation plan for the presenter
    • Organizing participants on time for the event/training
    • Providing live support services during the webinar session
    • Organizing enquiry and assessment sessions
    • Monitoring technical issues – such as call quality during the session
    • Recording the details of the training session
    • Hosting the recordings
  • Tool Administration

    Tool Administration

    One of our learning support services is to develop and integrate e-learning tools into our client site. E-learning tools need constant maintenance and upgrade. Our tool administration support services include…

    • Installing the e-learning tool
    • Developing custom features
    • Upgrading the latest version of the tool
    • Tracking popularity of the tool among learners
    • Managing links/ documents of the e-learning tool