Learning solutions have evolved vastly over the last few years. Tools are still being developed to ensure e-learning kits are easily created, readily accessible under various platforms, and so on. We have already developed…


The QuizApp tool helps in creating assessments for e-learning modules. The quizzes are mapped to Bloom’s Taxanomy. The quizzes can be set up to cater to each individual user’s requirements. The assessments include...

  • Multiple-choice questions (MCQ)
  • Multiple-multiple choice questions (MMCQ)
  • Drag-n-drop
  • Match the following
  • Fill-in-the-blanks


Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is an e-learning tool that allows the user to understand the learning needs of a particular individual or team of individuals. Analyses are conducted to find the gap between the existing skill and the expected expertise of the individual.